Our Story

We have been providing fitness and wellness services to consumers for over three decades.  School of Happiness (SOH) was developed as a brand a decade ago to serve the consumer market. And now, Be Well at Work by School of Happiness is dedicated to serving the corporate world with well-being solutions to build a healthier, happier, high performing work culture.
Once our clients experienced the benefits first hand of living with a more resilient body, a clearer, more focused mind and higher levels of energy, they asked us to share our teachings with their teams and employees.
Many of the School of Happiness clients were business owners or high-level executives in corporations. They often inquired about bringing SOH into their organization to help employees with stress reduction and to help deal with aches and pains that came from too much sitting or poor posture.  Over the years, we developed an understanding of what many  employees were experiencing. Better yet, we found strategies to help them.
People spend most of their waking hours at work. They are also expected to be efficient, to perform daily and deliver on deadlines. Just like an athlete is expected to perform at high levels on race day, people need a formula to get into peak state when it matters most and be able to recover quickly to stay alert and sharp. Performing day in and day out physically or mentally can take a toll on the body, mind, energy and emotions.

  • We discovered how simple strategies could ease the strain of high blood pressure and even lower it within just one week for some of our clients.
  • Others finally learned how to program their bodies and minds to get a good night’s sleep to rest and recover like never before.
  • For some, it was finding ways to get focused and powered up for high stakes meetings.

These are some of the more common examples we came across.
The fact is, the human body needs specific resources and routines to operate optimally. The modern workplace often does not cater to these fundamental human needs. Our Be Well 360 program develops corporate athletes. We help you and your team perform at your best when it matters most.
Just like pro athletes, we all deserve balanced care to be top performers in life and at work. In essence, this means optimizing body functioning with proper movement, energy breaks to manage emotions and reset our brains, mindset mastery for better focus and high quality nutrition to be more resilient. We designed a formula just like professional athletes use to perform at his or her best.

Be Well at Work

In an effort to help people and employees work through their daily challenges, we gathered proven resources to offer a 360 approach to Be Well at Work.  We now offer this wealth of wisdom to our clients who are ready to improve their work culture and care for their corporate athletes who show up each and every day to drive their business forward.
We help you build the inner resilience and stamina needed to work more efficiently, creatively, and happily, thereby cultivating a positive, healthy work culture where each person shows up as their best self daily to face of any challenge. We’ve got your back.