Be Well at Work

Helping Employees Be Well, Happier and More Productive at Work

Why a Corporate Wellness Solution?

Plenty of research is now available to support the benefits of Corporate wellness programs for both employers and employees. Investing in organizational wellbeing programs is proven to reduce medical costs (24%) as well as non-medical costs (76%). 

These reductions help improve productivity, engagement, positive attitude, and help to retain the talent your business strives for.

Non-medical costs is a term used to identify expenses incurred due to sick days or absenteeism (6%) and his little brother presenteeism (63%). The remainder is split between their older siblings long-term disability (1%) and short-term disability (6%).


As you can see presenteeism is a big problem. It's multi-factorial, being present increases engagement and empowers employees to feel stronger, focused and more in control. Presenteeism is an issue when employees are unfocused, fatigued or dis-engaged. Employees may be there physically at work yet are not really there or present in mind or spirit. A lack of presence shows up as more mistakes and a longer turn-around time for the completion of tasks and projects which may have a negative impact on the overall success of your organization.

In an era of innovation that is fueled by creativity, no company can afford to overlook opportunities for new ideas. Disengaged employees are not your most reliable source of creativity and innovation.  

Main Benefits


empower employees to negotiate challenges more effectively by being the best version of themselves

Healthy Community

empowerment lessons learnt are typically carried into employee households and community leaving a lasting impact

Company Culture

corporate wellness programs are known to stimulate a company's culture for the better when implemented properly

Cost Reduction

wellness programs have an impact on health and wellbeing related expenses from medical to non-medical


pleasant and empowering work environment improve employee commitment and retention making them feel they are in a caring place


your reputation is omnipresent on the web and prospect employees are on the lookout for growth-oriented employers

What we do

Employee Wellness Redesigned for the New World

School of Happiness through its Be Well at Work program provides solutions to help businesses cultivate and grow a wellness culture with a state-of-the-art online platform employees can access at their convenience and when in need.


we provide solutions to improve the health, happiness and well-being of your employees


a user experience centered platform designed based on employees needs throughout the day

24/7 Access

access to live streaming videos 24/7 to augment happiness and well-being in the workplace


daily FastFit reminders, bi-monthly “at the cooler” tips to keep employees in peak performing state

Let us help you create a healthier, happier workplace leading to a more productive, engaged and committed team.

Key Program Features

Thanks to extensive research on corporate wellness and from the direct feedback from our corporate partners, we provide solutions to support your workplace wellness.

There for you 24/7

Access live-streamed videos and audio resources, wellness validation tools, surveys and other tools 24/7.

Tailored to your needs

We have built-in systems to capture employee challenges and needs. We design to evolve with the users.

Curated for your wellness needs

We curate our content to meet users where they are with resources that will speak to their challenges and needs 

Be Well at Work Program Components

24/7 access to live-streamed videos, audios and other actionable resources to support the wellness of your team and organization. Below are our main three program components.

  • Movement & Mindset Matters

  • Mend My Back Programs

  • FastFit series

Wellness starts with everyday movement

  • 200+ video library accessible to all levels (movement, yoga, FunFit, stretching, meditation, mindset, nutrition)
  • variety of content offered in English, French and Bilingual
  • Quick and efficient 15-75 minute routines

School of Happiness’s growing library of fitness and well-being practices promotes calm in the face of daily stress. Workplace wellness programs educate employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically.

Improve overall performance and enhanced energy levels through accelerated brain function and better sleep. 

Encourage energetic, motivated, confident and happy employees through regular movement and wellness strategies.

Employees who move more are much less likely to get sick than those who don't exercise.

Perform stronger and longer while staying healthy and fit.

  • Tailor content to the needs of the employee through surveys and user experience design.
  • Experience the benefits for yourself and your team.
  • Influence your work culture to be more positive, productive, and resourceful.
  • Be an industry influencer

Be Well at Work, a 20/80 solution

Focused and curated content that delivers a greater impact in less time. Our FastFit-Take a Break Series delivers the right tools at the right moment of your day. You can choose to get Zen, or fired-up in 15 minutes or less.

We focus on the low energy high impact solutions. Following the Kaizen principle the focus is on making incremental small improvements to be 1% better everyday.

What the research tells us

People who feel valued and empowered at work are more loyal, productive and engaged.

In fact, one study examining absenteeism and presenteeism among 50,000 workers from 10 different companies shows that lost productivity costs are 2.3 times higher than medical and pharmacy costs.
A variety of studies suggest the major contributors to lost productivity in organizations include depression, anxiety, migraines, respiratory illnesses, arthritis, diabetes, and back and neck pain. Employees with multiple chronic health conditions have been shown to be particularly vulnerable to productivity loss.

Back pain is the heavy weight champion in productivity losses

Although statistics may vary from one source to the next, they all agree that back pain is productivity's worst enemy.

It is estimated that back pain alone could add up to $200B US dollars annually in disability in the United States alone.

Globally the number is estimated at $500B.

Fitness encourages better work performance

Research is showing that companies who have a corporate fitness and wellness program retain their employees longer than other companies.

A study conducted by the National Business Group on Health and the Towers Watson organization shows that firms with wellness programs report lower voluntary attrition than do those without them.
These are simply a few bits of information among many from multiple reports summing up more than thousand a pages.

Corporate wellness programs are not so much about ROI, but rather VOI

Most respected research papers on the topic of organizational wellness' return on investment, or ROI, have slowly shifted the conversation from ROI to VOI. The acronym VOI stand for value on investment. There are case studies of businesses turning their organizational wellbeing initiatives into a return on their investment, but many researchers and even companies who have implemented corporate wellness programs argue that it is not the best way to look at organizational wellbeing.

Wellness is a medium to long view investment, and there are many factors that influence the performance of such programs. Two of them are program type, but the elephant in the room is program participation over a period of time. 

The fact is that wellbeing is a journey. Not a destination. By analogy pro athletes do not train for one game but for an entire season.

This is the reason Be well at Work by School of Happiness seeks to learn about employee, program users. Understanding needs and challenges and what is happening 'in the field' allows us to design the program and future programming with users in mind.

Going back to ROI vs VOI. The big question to ask; Can a business afford to not provide wellness generating resources for their talent?

Research points quite clearly to a categoric "no" considering performance and competitiveness are concerns of yours.

Program Summary and Delivery

We meet them where they are

The program is designed with the user in mind. Your employees do not have the time to search for a solution to help them work through a challenge to entertain their break time.

The content in Be Well at Work is made available at times when they need it the most based on; work schedule, current sentiment or how they feel. Employees simply log into the platform and may access the resource they need in four ways;

  • navigate to a video or audio of their choice,
  • make use of sentiment and contextual filters to instantly get recommended resources based on current needs and their context. By context we mean the amount of time they have available, whether they spend most of their time sitting or standing at work, if they want to relax, get focused, or get energized, and more,
  • filter content to narrow down options and isolate what fits their needs in the moment,
  • do a simple keyword search in the Be Well at Work search engine.

Program Highlights

  • 24\7 access from work or home
  • 200+ video library accessible to all levels (movement, yoga, FunFit, stretching, meditation, mindset, nutrition)
  • variety of content offered in English, French and Bilingual
  • 15-75 minute routines
  • 9 key lifestyle lessons for back care
  • optimize how you move sit and stand
  • 45 safe & effective exercises designed to develop a healthy back
  • 4 progressive modules and step by step programs for all levels
  • BONUS FastFit/Take a Break videos 15min. or less

Why Work With Us


We take what we do very seriously. Our solutions are the product of decades of work and extensive review of evidence-based documentation. We do our best to make the resources easy to understand, accessible and applicable. 


Even though we know our business well, we are always learning. Our best teachers are our clients. We previously tailored our offering to help our customers with special needs. Some of these innovations are now part of our processes and current approach.


Humans and talent comes in all sizes, shapes, and form. One solution cannot fit all. We know 80% of the population deals with back pain so we created a program specific to back care. Others struggle with healthy ways to relax after stressful days, so we created audio and video to help unwind.
Our video library also includes resources to help people prepare for gardening, skiing, or engage in other daily activities with greater ease.


The world is in constant change and so are  our needs and means to fulfill them. Be Well at Work by School of Happiness is structured to adapt swiftly. This means paying attention to what works and what doesn't to constantly improve to meet the needs of our customers.

Get the program's information to your inbox!

A summarized PDF version of the program details is a great tool to discuss options with your colleagues and management.
A member of our team will follow-up with you within 48 hours to answer any questions you may have.

Be Well 360 organizational and corporate wellness program by School of Happiness

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