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The Be Well 360 program by SOH develops corporate athletes.
Just like pro athletes, we all deserve balanced care to be top performers in life and at work.

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Discover Be Well 360 Combo: What's included?

1. Live online Lunch and Learn

Topic choices: Be Well at Work with Healthier, Happier Habits, Sleep Better/Perform Better, Wellness at your Desk, Mend my Back

Presenter: Laura Warf

Audience: your employees

Happy employees - Be Well at Work by SOH

Most of us do not have the lifestyle, resources and time to deep-dive in healthy living practices. We need simple yet effective steps to get on track to a healthier and happier life.

We at Be Well 360 strongly believe in the incremental constant improvement concept brought forward in the Kaizen method. The idea of improving ourselves 1% daily makes sense and leaves us with a feeling of accomplishment that we’ve done something good for ourselves.

The workshops offered as a Lunch and Learn will highlight some of the attainable low hanging fruits that lead us to a healthier and happier life.

It’s about knowing what is available to us, finding and connecting with concepts and techniques that speak to us, and then integrate them into our daily routine with the support of our Be Well video platform or 7-day challenges to encourage success and engagement.

A small, soft start can be powerfully impactful and is certainly better than not starting at all! We can help.

2. Full access to our platform for 10 people on your team /

or a 7-day challenge for all employees

  • Designed for easy user experience
  • Curated content based on how you feel, what you are doing or what you want
  • 24/7 access from work or home
  • 200+ video library
  • 5-75 minute wellness resources and routines
  • Take a Break/Fast Fit series to keep you in your Zen Zone or Fired up and Focused

When we feel better, we perform better.

Discover a refreshed and redesigned approach to corporate wellness.
Be Well. Stress less. Work better. Live more.




As part of our Wellbeing focus, Laura's virtual lunchtime presentation to our teams was engaging and informative. Her practical tips and reminders were much appreciated. It was exactly what we needed to hear as we've been working from home during this pandemic year.



Laura (Be Well 360) helped employees manage their stress through Covid and other life challenges with her excellent stretch and strength classes. Her coaching and support on work and life struggles has helped them manage things better, feel happier, and approach challenges that arise.
Following her sessions, my team reported improved morale, more mental clarity and relaxation, along with higher energy levels leading to a more productive and upbeat work day.


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Take care of your talent and they will take care of you:

  • 60 min lunch and learn
  • 1 month Access to the  Be Well 360 platform for 10 employees
  • or 7-day challenge for all employees

Offer valid until November 30th, 2021


Laura Warf of the Be Well 360 Corporate Wellness Program

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