April 7, 2021

New Corporate Wellness Program: Be Well 360 Comes to Life


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Laura Warf
Be Well 360 Co-Founder, B. Ed. (fitness), CCF coach, FIS, MBS, RYT
250-999-7447 / 514-856-9136

School of Happiness (SOH) Launches Healthy Workplace Programs with Be Well 360

[Vancouver Island, BC March 29, 2021] Be Well at work and perform better with a fit mind and body. The pandemic has pushed many companies to adopt new ways of working. Organizations must re-imagine their workday, work-spaces, and shared offices to create safe environments and productive fulfilling jobs for associates. Above all, the recent pandemic has revealed a collective need for more balance and well-being. The missing piece is the implementation of daily wellness habits to be able to manage life’s turbulence with greater ease.

The Pandemic is Changing How We Move

School of Happiness co-founder, Laura Warf, knows the struggle only too well as many of her clients have requested more ways and practices in dealing with stress and make-shift home offices that they sometimes sit in for more than 8 hours a day leading to fatigue, distraction and physical pain.

"Laura (Be Well by SOH) helped employees manage their stress through Covid and other life challenges with her excellent stretch and strength classes and energy breaks Her coaching and support on work and life struggles has helped them manage things better, feel happier, and approach challenges that arise.Following her sessions, my team reported improved morale, more mental clarity and relaxation, along with higher energy levels leading to a more productive and upbeat workday."

Developed by Movement Pioneers. Backed by Research

Laura Warf is a movement specialist and holistic wellness expert who guides others to take charge of their well-being. She inspires and makes it possible for people to design a more resilient body, a focused mind and a more solution-oriented outlook. And this is even more important in today’s workplace. Real sustainable resilience is the product of better wellness habits at home and at work.

Her expertise combined with the vision and experience of the Be Well by SOH executive team are a driving force in the wellness space. Ian Reid co-founder and chief innovation and user experience officer, along with Daniel Lavoie business development officer are positioning the company to make a positive difference in the corporate world.

That is why the Be Well team has developed a new corporate wellness program, Be Well 360 by School of Happiness. An at-work online wellness solution to support and educate employers and employees to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically.

“We lose our ability to perform optimally when we allow ourselves to become distracted or overly emotional. With our FastFit energy breaks we show our teams how to dissipate stress and re-focus quickly to deliver projects or presentations more effectively,” added Laura Warf Be Well by SOH co-founder.

Why “Be Well 360 by School of Happiness” for Workplace Wellness

Be Well 360 by School of Happiness is a product of 30 years of research and work in the fitness, wellness, and business industries. Current, relevant, and updated information and science helps people be and feel their best. Be Well 360 also collaborates with some of the most innovative minds in the wellness industry creating fun and effective programs to be well mind, body, and spirit.

The Be Well 360 online programs use the “corporate athlete principle” and are available anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Executives and associates can enhance their health and happiness and continue to perform at high levels by doing what athletes do – train, practice and recover. In fact, employees, executives, and entrepreneurs are often under more pressure with higher consequences and more demands on their time with no off-season. So daily healthier habits give them the edge, help them be more present and productive while staying upbeat and motivated.

Be Well.


About Be Well 360

We are a corporate wellness solution provider for small, medium and large organizations. We have been providing fitness and wellness services to consumers for over three decades through School of Happiness (SOH), which was developed as a brand a decade ago to serve the consumer market. And now, Be Well at work by School of Happiness is dedicated to serving the corporate world with well-being solutions to build a healthier, happier, more performing work culture.