Be Well, Happier and More Productive at Work
Thanks to extensive research on corporate wellness and direct feedback from our clients, we provide solutions to support your workplace wellness.

Our services

Organizational Wellness Platform

Be Well 360 Organizational Wellness Program is our online platform delivering solutions to be well at work. An ever-growing, content rich wellness library that delivers classes, and wellness breaks to address the various dimensions of well-being.
We offer solutions for back pain, stress reduction, centering, fitness, nutrition and mindset resources.

Keynotes and conferences

Are you planning a wellness day, week, month or a conference?
Our speakers cumulatively have hundreds of hours of content for presentation and workshop style events. From physical wellness to mindset mastery, conceptual to applied workshop style, choose from many options to stimulate your employees away from the day-to-day routine.

Branded wellness platform

Powered by Be Well at Work. Wellness solutions offered by your company. Receive the same core employee wellness solution dedicated to your organization branded with your company's logo and colors.

This upgrade offers new possibilities such as having your own wellness media channel that allows employees to encourage each other, initiate challenges, and provide the support to strengthen your wellness culture.

Why work with us

We see ourselves as corporate wellness coaches and maestros conducting the well-being orchestra in your organization.
Our goal is to tune your corporate athletes. We help you and your team perform at your best when it matters most.
To your benefit, be more efficient, wellness-resourceful, and happier at work and at home. 

Our services are offered as an online access to an ever-growing number of resources and curated content. We do research on some of the best movement, mindset, and nutrition strategies for optimal health and well-being.

Your experience and feedback helps shape what comes next. We drive and you navigate the journey to arrive at your desired destination!

The Problem

Productivity. Performance. Presenteeism. You're not getting the most or the best out of your people and talent. To date, work environments have not evolved with the changing business needs. There are better ways to access the best capabilities of human physiology and mindset leading to improved focus, performance and productivity. People need to feel well at work to give their best.

The good news is there are abundant opportunities to explore. Since one size doesn't fit all it's important to find the right formula for your organization. That's what we love to do. Let us help you develop your company wellness culture. 

short-term disability

Many factors are at play, but presenteeism is a big one!

Your people and talent are challenged in different ways making it difficult for them to "get in the groove" or be motivated to get the job done. The losses for your company could potentially be colossal when people are tired and unfocused. Research estimates the financial impact of presenteeism alone amounts to 66% of workplace expenses due to inefficiencies.

How does presenteeism manifest anyway?

Does your attention span drift at times or your focus not always spot on? Do you experience headaches, back pain, joint discomfort, or other challenges competing for your attention? These discomforts often win and take us out of the game termporarily. This translates into loss of mental "sharpness" leading to random mistakes or brain-fog affecting focus of what to do next. These symtoms can lead to overwhelm and ineffectiveness directly impacting work output.