Be Well, Happier and More Productive at Work
Thanks to extensive research on corporate wellness and direct feedback from our clients, we provide solutions to support your workplace wellness.

Well-being practices are designed to achieve optimum health and job performance. We work to make this possible for you through education, up-to-date wellness resources, consistent application of recommended lifestyle strategies, and you guessed it, repetition to achieve mastery and success. Be a corporate athlete and perform at your best when it matters most.

Be Well 360 Wellness Program Platform

  • Movement + Mindset
  • Mend My Back
  • fastfit break series

Movement + Mindset for your "me" time

  • 200+ video library (yoga, FunFit, stretching, meditation),
  • Variety of content offered in English, French and Bilingual
  • 5-60 minute routines
Be Well at Work Corporate Wellness program online

Be Well and the School of Happiness’ growing library of fitness and well-being practices promote calm and creativity in the face of daily stress. Workplace wellness programs educate employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically.

Regular movement and wellness programs keep employees feeling more energetic, motivated, confident and happy when they are at work. Employees who access more energy through mindset and movement also improve brain function and experience better sleep patterns leading to improved overall performance. Research tells us that employees who move more are much less likely to get sick than those who don't exercise.


Balanced & Ready

Perform better while staying healthy and fit


Tailor content to employee needs through surveys & experience


Experience the benefits for yourself and your team.


Influence your work culture to be more positive and productive.

20/80 Rule

Be smart: focus on the 20% yielding 80% results

Less is more

Curated content that delivers a greater impact


We deliver the right tools at the right moment of your day.


Get Zen or fired-up in 15 minutes or less with our Take a Break series.

Be an industry influencer