Be Well, Happier and More Productive at Work
Thanks to extensive research on corporate wellness and direct feedback from our clients, we provide solutions to support your workplace wellness.

Lunch and Learn sessions are training sessions or presentations that take place before, or around lunch time. These special events gather people in an informal atmosphere to collaborate, learn, share information, and elevate team engagement to help drive personal, team and business development.

We deliver what your employees need and want. Choose from a variety of meaningful topics with specific objectives that will be sure to enhance your company’s wellness culture and leave people feeling that they got more than just a free lunch.

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Wellness strategies are not yet taught in traditional schools. Our platform can help.  With the right educational experiences we can increase interest and participation in your wellness initiatives.


Create an environment where your talent can share ideas regardless of their department, function, or hierarchy. Celebrate the simplicity and power of all people uniting and sharing ideas on how to tackle challenges.


Help create a space where your people feel like they can participate and engage safely. Engagement is a powerful tool to get your talent onboard with wellness initiatives. Help them Be Well at all levels.


Be Well 360 Wellness Program Platform

Discover the Be Well 360 Wellness Program platform and how to make best use of it

  • Introduction to the Be Well 360 Wellness Program platform
  • Tactics to help you get the best out of the Be Well 360 Wellness Program online platform
  • Case studies on corporate wellness and its application in the workplace/work environment (for managers)

Wellness Principles and Strategies

Fitness, wellness, mindfulness, and daily health and happiness habits and hacks that can change how you sample everyday life.
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Most of us lead busy lives balancing work, family and personal aspirations. At Be Well 360 Wellness Program we live the same challenges you do. We remind ourselves daily to apply the 20/80 principle of wellness: focus on the 20% that yields 80% of the results. We like the Kaizen principle. Think 1% improvement everyday. Ask about our Take a Break FastFit series to guide the way to a more empowering day.

Wellness Principles and Strategies and the 20/80 rule by Be Well at Work

From Motivation, to Getting Your Vibe Right and Coping Strategies to Negotiate Daily Hurdle

Countless daily behaviors and habits are responsible for what we often refer to as a state of wellness. Following our 20/80 principle, we like to focus on the low hanging fruits that generate most of what is needed to face our hours, days, weeks, months and year.

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