As part of our Wellbeing focus, Laura's virtual lunchtime presentation to our teams was engaging and informative. Her practical tips and reminders were much appreciated. It was exactly what we needed to hear as we've been working from home during this pandemic year.

Valya Kruk ... Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at TANK Worldwide

Laura is the most energetic and engaging speaker, able to bring forward concepts and learnings in an easy to understand manner. The session was beyond perfect and suited our organization needs. She worked with us closely to develop a content outline for the presentation that worked with the needs of our organization. Participants of the session were engaged and participated in active breathing exercises as well. The session handout also came in handy for attendees. Thank you again Laura


What attracted me to this program was its 360 degree approach to health, fitness, and well-being. From nutritional tips and tricks to develop functional fitness to strategies for staying focused and balanced, and spiritual teachings from culturally-diverse philosophies, along with weekly individual check-ins, this program walks the talk of holistic health.


By the end of the work day, I quite often arrive to the yoga classes feeling stressed, anxious and tired. I sometimes feel a tightness in my neck and chest. I totally lose myself in Laura’s class. She has a soft flowing way of guiding us through the different poses. I leave the class feeling that I have really done something good for myself spiritually, emotionally and physically. I feel an inner strength and balance, and a greater sense of well-being.


The School of Happiness wheel of 8 essential elements to well-being is the whole package. They give you all the tools you need to help you take care of your body, mind and soul. When I signed up I was surprised to discover that what I thought I needed was vastly different from what I really needed. I immediately started seeing the benefits as soon as I started to incorporate some of these key essential elements into my lifestyle.


Laura (Be Well by SOH) helped employees manage their stress through Covid and other life challenges with her excellent stretch and strength classes. Her coaching and support on work and life struggles has helped them manage things better, feel happier, and approach challenges that arise.

Following her sessions, my team reported improved morale, more mental clarity and relaxation, along with higher energy levels leading to a more productive and upbeat work day.


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